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Old Northwest Frontier Tours proudly announces release of the first in a seven volume series of self-guided e-pub tour books exploring the Old Northwest territory.  Old Northwest started their tours close to home, developing a Lake Winnebago, WI, Circle Tour, covering an area that is unique and like nothing else in the world. Volume #1 - East Shore Lake Winnebago Communities, will be released in early 2015, and work on Volumes 5 & 6, Fond du Lac and West Shore Communities, is in progress!


You can read our epub books on your desktop or mobile device by using iBooks, Adobe Digital Editions reader, Kindle, or whatever digital reader you choose.  Follow along with our tours as you travel and enjoy the route. If you're homebound, or an interested student, you can also enjoy our tour books as virtual tours without ever leaving your home, library, or classroom.  Teachers can also use our tour books as history lessons for their students.


Go to the iBooks store via our links page to view and purchase Lake Winnebago, WI, Circle Tour, Volume #1.


You will travel through our self-guided “Excellent Adventures” like a character in a novel. We invite you to have a real experience -- one that history has written for us and that we sincerely wish to pass on to you.


Historic Lake Winnebago Map

Courtesy Castle Pierce, Oshkosh, WI

All Rights Reserved

Most tours route you to landmarks, restaurants and hotels; we encourage you to take your time and explore the area as if you were living in it during the time that history was being recorded. You are not just an observer but a contributor, participant, and reenactor. We have included many extras to give you a complete knowledge of the people who lived here and the area as it was in early days.


Your adventure can progress as slowly or as swiftly as you want it to; travel the route in sections, taking your time to savor and enjoy each part to the fullest. If you’re in a hurry one day, come back again the next weekend and pick up where you left off -- what’s the rush? Travel the route alone or enjoy the extra activities that are included with a group of friends, family, or even complete strangers. This is a perfect opportunity to interact with the grandchildren. Sing the songs, do the readings, be an artist or writer or a character in a historic play. LIVE the book!


When you reach the end of the route, look off into the sunset and leave with the knowledge that you have had an “Excellent Adventure,” an extraordinary experience with everything around you and that the real story doesn’t end, but only continues, with YOU! And if for some reason you can’t make the physical journey, travel along with us in your imagination, following the book as a virtual tour -- everything you need is there to enjoy a great experience! Even folks in assisted living facilities can be a character in a play or sing, write, or be part of our fun activities.


We suggest that you keep a journal of your trip as the early explorers did, either through the written word, pictures, video, or however you want to record and preserve it for yourself. We’re sure you will enjoy the tour much more if you make it your own!


We originally intended to cover the tour in one volume but soon realized that there was much more to offer than we could ever fit into one short tour app -- we're just not that kind of a quick "in an out, spend your money and leave" tour. We have expanded the tour to seven ebook volumes, all packed with information on subjects that involve a circle tour of historic Lake Winnebago, Fond du Lac, and the surrounding area. We know that you will appreciate our “delightful dilemma” when you begin the tour -- just too many good things to cover in one small app.


You can easily follow our ebooks on your mobile device as you progress through the tour volumes.  Bon voyage, mes amis! -- Good trip, my friends!



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