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The following Featured News items and images will give you the information and images that you will need to become informed about our Lake Winnebago, WI, Circle Tours, Volumes One through Seven.   Mouse over the tabs to go inside and learn more.


Volumes #1, #6 and #5 will be completed first in order to complete the circle tour, with supplementary Volumes 2, 3 and 4 following shortly thereafter in order to give an even more in-depth tour experience.


Volume #7, Additional Activities and Plays, will offer original historical plays written by Barbara Smits (and possibly others), as well as readings that can be presented by you and your friends, or by historical groups, nursing home residents, students, or family groups, for the public or just for your own fun, satisfaction, and enjoyment.  Be a character in a play and try your acting skills -- go ahead --  it can be great fun and a great way to learn!   If you really feel good about how the play turns out, put on a public performance in one of the many parks or schools for all to enjoy!  Additional fun activities will also be offered in this volume.





Volume #7 - Additional activities and plays.


We will offer many extra activities in this volume, including plays for you to act out, songs, poems, art,      games, and whatever else we can think of to embellish the tour -- have fun!


Friends traveling or just getting together, private groups, schools, nursing home residents, historical societies, theatrical groups, or anyone with a theatrical flare may all be interested in being a character in or offering these plays -- for the public, or just for fun!


Bon Voyage, mes amis -- Good trip, my friends!



More Tours and Videos To Come!


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Old Military Road route

We get new ideas every day for new adventures and how to make them come alive for you.  Keep watching our site for upcoming details.


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